LGV Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception (HP) test is computer based.

14 video clips will be shown from the perspective of the driver. You are looking for developing hazards.

There is one developing hazard in each clip with a sneaky extra hazard in one of the clips!

Click your mouse every time you see a hazard and click every time it develops.

Here's an example. You see a child on the side of the road [click]. It steps out onto the road [click]. It bends down and picks up a football [click].

Don't click too much though. If you keep clicking, the computer will invalidate all the clicks for that clip.

You need to score 44 out of 75 across 14 clips to pass.

The GOV.UK website has information about the Hazard Perception format.

Remember to revise well for the HP test. Even if you pass the Theory element of the test but fail the HP element, you will fail overall.

Visit our Pass Your Test Quick section for help with this.


You can find some useful practise videos at:

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