Quickly Pass Your HGV Tests

Your Shopping List

These books and DVDs should all be on your shopping list. Produced by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) or DfT (Department for Transport), these are the best resources to study in preparation for your tests. Make sure you pick the latest versions for the most up-to-date information.

The Highway Code Know Your Traffic Signs DSA Official Theory Test For Drivers Of Large Vehicles The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard Perception DVD The Official Guide To Driving Goods Vehicles The Official Guide To Driver CPC

Passing your HGV test is easy if you do it properly. Some people rush into the tests without preparing and end up having to resit at cost.

Just follow my guide and you will sail through.

Theory Test

Buy and read the following books:

It is important you read through The Highway Code and Know Your Road Signs as that will help you with both the theory test and the practical test. The DSA Official Theory Test For Drivers Of Large Vehicles book is packed with thousands of questions - in fact, it has all the questions you will be asked in your theory test. Study this book carefully as essentially, it has all the answers preparing you for the test.

The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard Perception DVD is useful if you have never sat a Hazard Perception test. If you have sat one before, it's not worth getting as you already know how the test goes.

Practical Test

Buy and read the following books:

Not only does this provide background information on a truck, it tells you the format of the test and what you need to know. Read it and it will help you with your tuition.

Also, listen to your instructor carefully as they are there to help you. Some instructors like to break you down and build you back up as a competent truck driver. Some instructors build upon existing experience. Regardless, remember that you are paying for them to teach you - they know the information so listen carefully.

In your HGV Practical Test, remember to try and stay calm and relaxed. Many find this experience daunting and nerve racking but try and relax quickly to avoid making mistakes that could cost you your test.

Driver CPC

To work as a professional driver you now need to hold a Driver CPC.

Buy and read the following book:

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