DSA HGV Practical Test Routes

If you are a learner HGV driver, this may be for you.

The DSA have published a list of the test routes for each test centre.

There are usually 5 - 20 possible routes per test centre so there is no guarantee the one you memorise is the one you'll take!

Nevertheless, if you are curious, you can find the list of test centre routes on the DSA website.

How To Find Out the Routes

  1. Visit the website link above
  2. Click on the letter that your nearest test centre starts with (A is preselected)
  3. Click on the name of your local test centre
  4. On the right hand side, there are PDF downloads with all the test route information you nee.

UPDATE: In the move of information from the DSA website to GOV.UK, this information appears to have been removed. For details on your nearest test centre, click here.

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