ADR Training

If you carry Hazardous Materials in Packages, Road Tankers or Tank Containers you may need an ADR Training Certificate.

ADR is the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road derived from the French "L'Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route")

The ADR driver training regulations apply to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and above certain load limits. Note that if you use a vehicle under 3.5 tonnes but carry dangerous goods you will still need specific awareness training.

An ADR course is broken down into modules.

To obtain the ADR Training Certificate, you will need to pass a Core module on an ADR training course plus either:

  • ADR Course Tanks module or
  • ADR Course Packages module (depending upon the type of goods you transport)

You will then need to complete an ADR Course Classes module for the type of goods carried.

Typical ADR Training Course Modules

ADR Course Core Module

  • Checks (before, during and after the journey)
  • Documentation
  • Drivers duty to carry goods safely
  • Emergency and technical equipment on vehicles
  • Environmental protection & wastes
  • First aid, Accident procedure, Fire and Personal protective equipment
  • Law and Liability
  • Loading and unloading
  • Mixed loading and segregation
  • Relevant Regulations (including national & international)
  • Supervision and parking rules
  • Use of UN numbers, classes & packing groups

ADR Course Packages Module

  • Operating procedures
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Scope and Application of rules including load limits
  • Types of packaging
  • UN packaging scheme

ADR Course Road Tanks and Tank Containers Module

  • Behaviour of tanks on the road
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Definitions of tanks
  • Documentation
  • Methods of loading and unloading
  • Responsibilities of operator with regard to training
  • Tank construction
  • Tank markings and labelling
  • Types of loads
  • Use of tanks

ADR Course Classes Module

  • Characteristics of the substances and safety measures
  • Labelling and Marking
  • Nature of the hazard
  • Secondary Hazards
  • Segregation
  • Sources of information

ADR Training Schools

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