Learn To Drive a LGV Truck For Free

It might sound a good deal to some. There are companies out there that will train you for free up to HGV Class C+E standard. The snag is that you are then contractually obliged to remain with the company or be liable to pay for the training. If you are good though, they'll want to keep you anyway so really it is a means of job security.

Private Sector Training

Eddie Stobart used to offer this but currently do not.

I am unaware of any other company offering this at present.

Defence School of Transport (DST)

An alternative way to getting your HGV licence through conventional employment is by joining the military.

The DST is based at the Normandy Barracks in Leconfield, East Yorkshire, and has been responsible for training personnel from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force for over 25 years.

On average, the school trains around 600 students per day, making good use of the 16km of road circuits and 5km of cross country tracks.

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