HGV Truck Fuel Efficiency Tips - Save Fuel & Money

I have spent a lot of time researching fuel efficiency in trucks and have devised the following steps to increase your fuel efficiency for your HGV:

Block change gears

If you block change gears (shift from 1 to 3 or 5 to 7) rather than going through all the gears, you can save fuel and hence increase your fuel efficiency.

Cruise control

It's a sad fact but computers are better than us! Cruise control is where the on-board truck computer maintains a steady speed for you. This is because the computer is continually checking what speed you are doing and whether any changes in the road have occurred. Cruise control lets you concentrate on driving and can increase your fuel efficiency due to the constant speed travelled.

Look ahead

Another sad fact. Not many HGV drivers plan ahead. They look at the car in front, not at the road ahead. By looking at both, you can driver in a safer fashion. The benefits to fuel efficiency is that you are planning ahead. For example, when approaching a roundabout you slow down. Read the road ahead. You may be able to get onto the roundabout without stopping hence less fuel is burned getting you going again.

HGV fuel efficiency chips

HGV fuel efficiency chips are devices that can boost your brake horse power and reduce your fuel consumption. Claims from the market leaders boast fuel efficiency savings of around 10-20%.

Monitor your miles per gallon performance

How do you know whether you are improving your fuel efficiency if you do not measure the fuel efficiency of your trips? Even the basic spec modern trucks have onboard computers that will caculate your miles per gallon figure for a trip. Remember to record these and plot them in a graph to see the difference!

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