HGV Experience Days

HGV Experience Day

HGV experience days are mini-courses for complete novices whereby they can get behind the wheel of an articulated truck and feel the awesome power underneath.

These experiences make great gifts for family members of HGV drivers so that they can "see what you do". Depending upon the experience selected they can spend some time practicing tricky manoeuvres, accelerating through the mountain of gears and practice handling.

These HGV experience days are designed for absolute beginners so they may not be as exciting for professional drivers and hauliers. However, if you are looking to get into the industry but aren't 100% sure, they are a great way to see whether it's something you want to as a career. An hour might not be much to go off but it's certainly going to give you a good value taster.

For experienced HGV drivers, there are a couple of experience days that may well appeal. Firstly, there's a chance to drive a fire engine which might differ somewhat to the regular loads you haul on a daily basis! Get those blue lights flashing and help put out fires with the hoses.

For something completely different then there's also a chance to drive a double decker bus. This handles differently to a truck and might inspire you to trade your licence in for a PSV one instead!

Selected experiences are available in junior versions so if you have a child who looks up to you and wants to do just what their parents do, then these experiences will be up their street!

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