Young Drivers Scheme (YDS)

The Young HGV Driver Scheme (YDS) was managed by Skills for Logistics on behalf of the Department for Transport.

The scheme provided the opportunity for a young person to obtain a full Category C HGV driving licence at the age of 18 rather than 21 and a Category C+E HGV licence before his or her 21st birthday.

By signing up for the scheme, young HGV drivers were able to do a real and productive job, whilst receiving first-class training towards LGV licence acquisition and industry specific, nationally recognised qualifications.

For employers, there are benefits of participating in the young HGV driver scheme. Reduced HGV insurance premiums (compared with normal under 25's) and fresh blood in the company.

YDS appears to have been superseded with the Driver CPC certificate. According to GOV.UK, "You can drive [category C and C+E] vehicles at age 18 if one of the following apply:

  • you have passed your driving test and Driver CPC initial qualification
  • you are learning to drive or taking a driving test for this category or Driver CPC initial qualification
  • you are taking a national vocational training course to get a Driver CPC initial qualification
  • you had your driving licence before 10 September 2009 - you must take the CPC periodic training within five years of this date"

Please refer to GOV.UK for more information.

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